Keep It Tight!

Design and Construction: MacKore's engineering is strategically tailored to address lower back support with a patented design featuring Velcro fasteners, ensuring a secure and precise fit in that particular area. This meticulous design not only offers essential brace support but also delivers warmth to the lower back region. Additionally, we employ specialized flatlock stitching techniques to ensure seam integrity, resulting in an uninterrupted, smooth surface that prioritizes maximum comfort and eliminates the risk of skin abrasions.

Keep It Hot!

Specialize Neoprene:Distinguished by its remarkable elasticity and conforming properties, MacKore features an ultra-soft 2mm foam neoprene construction that adeptly adapts to the unique characteristics of diverse athletic body types, accommodating a wide range of shapes and sizes. Our neoprene material embodies a lightweight composition, providing exceptional flexibility, comfort, and precisely calibrated compression. In contrast, more economical alternatives frequently compromise on these essential attributes by utilizing inferior, inflexible neoprene materials, thereby resulting in a less gratifying user experience.

Keep It Loose!

 The Athletic Mindset: MacKore's utility extends to various sporting disciplines, and it has been a staple in training athletes across numerous sports for the past decade. In an era where physical fitness and training methodologies continue to advance, the foundation of strength and flexibility begins with the core, radiating outward. MacKore has been intricately designed to align with the contours of the core, delivering essential support and warmth that permeates the entire body, thus offering valuable advantages to athletes participating in a wide array of sports.