Why should you get a MacKore?

Working with top athletes in the country, we find that injuries are the number one deterrent for preventing athletes from accomplishing their goals in their respective sports.  Most common of all injuries occur in "the core" area of the body which includes the hamstring, quadriceps, groin, hip flexor, and lower back.  In many cases, these are not season-ending injuries but they do take a long time to heal and are the most susceptible to re-injury.  Additionally, how many times do we buy support device for one of the areas, and due to misalignment of the body another part gets injured?  i.e. a hamstring injury leads to a strain in your groin or your lower back.

As athletics has continued to evolve, there has been more emphasis on strengthening the core and making it more flexible.  Top athletic programs in the country now incorporate Pilates and yoga training in conjunction with weight training as part of their strength and conditioning programs.  Despite this, injuries to the core area we mentioned still occur because as athletes we continually push our bodies to extremes.

You should consult with your physician and physical therapists on a program to help in your injury recovery.  Once you have satisfied your rehabilitation program and have been cleared to begin your training again the MacKore will keep your core area warm and supported allowing your muscles and joints to stay flexible.